January ’23

I’m going to try to keep up on this blog and update it at least once a month. Goals, right?

So, I re-joined my former gym. The advantage is that my company pays a stipend towards it so basically I’m getting the membership 1/2 off. I know this is so, new year typical – join a gym, lose weight, etc. But, why the hell not? I say if you want to do it then do it. Don’t let anyone hold you back. Fortunately, even when I travel I can hit the gym because it’s nationwide.

Everything has been pretty chill since we got back from the beach in December. We had some friends over for dinner NYE and then that day we went over to other friends for their peas and greens lunch. Charlie went out of town to see the kids and help the youngest work on the house. Their baby shower is this coming weekend so I’m going to drive down on Friday and stay the weekend. It should be a blowout as the oldest is coming with our daughter-in-law and their son (our other grandchild who just turned 1)

Busy times for sure. I think this year I just want to get into my work, working out and pursuing and maintaining authentic friendships. That’s the goals.

What’s ’23 looking like for you?


One thought on “January ’23

  1. Well…I’m still working in my Christmas post, if that’s any indicator. And I haven’t re-joined any gyms…but the big double-nickel is coming in a couple weeks, so maybe I should see if any AARP/Silver Sneaker discounts kick in. 🤓


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